Fine Art
USS Marion-1839

Unsigned American School. The Sloop of War USS Marion.Oil paint on canvas. 23 1/2 inches high, 30 1/4 inches wide. 16 thirty pounder guns.117' long, 32 ' beam, draft 15' 8" Launched at the Boston Navy Yard in April 1839.

She cruised off of the West Coast of Africa and in the Mediterranean until 1848. She resumed operations with the Africa Squadron until 1860.

She saw service throughout the Civil War. In 1871 she entered the Portsmouth Navy Yard, decommissioned and was rebuilt as a third rate screw steamer. She was rearmed with Dahlgren guns and a Gatling gun. In the Pacific Fleet until 1890 and finally decommissioned at Mare Island, California.


USS Marion-1839