Liberty Flag

Benjamin Franklin Perkins, American 1904-1993. Acrylic on canvas, 24 inches high by 36 inches wide. Signed and dated. Excellent condition.

An example of "outsider" art, a term coined to describe artists who are largely self taught and are out side of main stream art. " All my works have a message, If art don't tell me anything it's not art."- B.F. Perkins. Benjamin Franklin Perkins was born in Vernon, Alabama in 1904. As a teenager and young man he was a seaman in the Merchant Marine. He enlisted in the Marine Corps at the close of WW l and was assigned to duty at the White House. He married and was the father of two daughters. He eventually divorced and was awarded custody of the little girls. He became very interested in Evangelism and enjoyed preaching as a lay minister. Perkins left Washington in 1969 and returned to Alabama where he founded an Assembly of God congregation. He built a church next to his art studio. He often said "I enjoy preaching and I enjoy painting"

Most of his works feature a mix of patriotic and religious themes. Perkins work is in the collections of many institutions and is popular because it blends so well with contemporary interiors.